PelicanEel® represents UnderWater Sports teams, athletes and amateurs. PelicanEel® is influenced by the urban culture and art, introducing its products and style to their daily life. We offer to our clients sustainibility, clothing made with technical textiles and fashion in Premium Atemporal Collections.

The PelicanEel® is an unusual deep-sea fish that has been found in all oceans around the world, between 500 to 3,000 meters [1,600 to 9,800 feet]. We associate this ray-finned fish with UnderWater Swimmers that play sports like UWR, UWH, Apnea, Diving and many more, usually in deep pools or open water all over the world.

PelicanEel® is designed in Washington D.C. and Medellin. All the designs are manufactured in Medellin. 

PelicanEel® clothing sports and apparel creates an optimistic, competitive, health and wellness culture to swimmers, athletes and teams.

PelicanEel® S.A.S. is a colombo-american registered brand and company. 

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